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Release 20.1

by Armin Claus last modified 2010-07-01 16:49

ArtCom software Release 20.1 is now available for download.

Version 20.1 adds many new features and improvements.

ATTENTION: Since the extent of the software has now increased compared to release 18.3 and earlier in such a way that the uncompressed software does not fit on a single CDR anymore, you need a DVD to burn it. As a result you do not have the distinction between software and documentation, so you only have to download a single .iso file.

For our customers and supporters we have the new release on our service:

DVD iso image for x86 Linux computers

For older systems that neither  have a DVD drive and may not receive the DVD image via a network,  we have a
special CDR image for installation under Linux

for download.

Here some of the most important highlights:

  • Label text collating marks may now also be placed in the gripper fold
  • The final rotation and a placement especially only on double pages may now be determined
  • The Workflow Manager can now also process XRef streams in PDF files

ArtCom® WebCheck
  • Simultaneous upload of several files
  • Definition of master channels to be used for language variants

  • Moving of individual separations during the export does now distinguish between master orders, language variants and other orders to make the deleting of separations, that have not been moved, more secure
  • For the creation of order booklets you are now able to create separate files if you have different groups of orders
  • If a globally valid bottling value was defined for an order, you can from now on change it for the individual forms 

Flexo Manager
  • A 3D screen may from now on not only be defined and used for package printing but also for embossing. To this end you can from now on define complete screen dots that are necessary for this printing method especially if several screens are used for the same separation
  • The current position of an engraving cylinder is from now on displayed at low speeds. As a result it is easier to manually determine a desired zero position

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