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ColorXChange only for image elements

by Armin Claus last modified 2007-11-01 16:22

Certain situations forbid the use of certain processing options by the workflow element ColorXChange. In these situations you can from now on choose which part of the data will be affected by these problematic options.

In certain situation you want to be extra sure that certain things just do not happen. This includes color changes after color space transformations, among others. In order to prevent such rare but nonetheless annoying occurrences you have from now on another option at your fingertips.

This workflow element is from now on able to control the processing in a way that not all elements of the data are affected. To this end you can choose to process only image data (CT), only linework data (LW) or all data.

In addition you are supported by the program without noticing it - the system recognizes a list of certain colors that it will not touch anymore. This underlines the safety of the color values that are being processed and reduces the probability that e. g. customer-specific colors are changed in the transformation.

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