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Imprint variant / Language variant automatic

by Armin Claus last modified 2007-07-17 10:26

With the help of this function you are able to create two variants of master orders. On the one hand you have the imprint variant to mix in addresses and on the other hand normal language variants.

The basis for the function "Imprint variant" is a normal master order and variant pages with suitable dimensions for the master. The user defines a folder with the variant data. Name schemes determine the page numbers and variant names - you can use any number of variants with any number of variant pages. The software automatically creates a complete order for each variant, the number of forms of the master order does not matter in this respect.

Another advantage of this procedure is that the system will only create new forms if it find final pages that will be changed by the imprint variant. All other forms remain untouched and do not have to be created again - a fact that will save the more time the larger the orders. Then, the ArtRobot creates - depending on the configuration of the master order - booklets, proofs for the variant and forwards the plate data, if necessary.

You create an imprint variant after the selection of the desired order in five simple steps in a separate window. With the help of these few consecutive steps you are able to provide the necessary files and information for the desired imprint variant and create it.

Calling up the function "Language variant automatic" you can also cerate language variant data in any subfolder you desire. The function mentioned above does also give you the option to create the master with blank pages that the system automatically recognizes in the variant.

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