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News about marks

by Armin Claus last modified 2007-11-15 15:38

The Mark-Layout-Editor now has several new features to improve the placement, display and omission of marks.

In order to simplify the display of mark positions and the placement of marks on both form sides you can from now on display the layout of both form sides simultaneously. Depending screen size and personal preferences you can individualize the display and improve the work with this program even more. This new feature not only allows you to place marks on different positions on the face and back print side of the form but the new layout and adjusted tools also allow you to handle this function much more easily.

In addition to the general option to place marks at certain relative positions, you can from now on also determine fixed positions for marks. These positions do not depend on the other layout of the print form and are added to specific fixed positions on the form. With the help of these strict positions you may place marks on the form that may later on be read by a scanner in order to align the paper, determine trimming edges, etc.

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