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ArtCom DiffPos

by Armin Claus last modified 2007-10-18 15:52

The new paid tool ArtCom DiffPos allows you to compare the master and variant input data directly with each other. This comparison is carried out on the screen data or directly in the PDF. Differences are highlighted in the "comparison image." This allows you to locate errors in the pre-press stage.

With this tool you can compare the individual pages of a master and a variant order with each other. This allows you to view the respective data and find probably undesired changes. As this happens before any orders are created, i. e. directly on the input data and with a workflow, you can prevent expensive failed printing. This tool not only allows you to early recognize errors in the delivered data for language variants but also composite color differences and negative text changes. You may inspect any number of separations with this control.

The program may be configured in a way that you can use different input format for master and variant to be processed into the comparison image. The pages of the master and variant are assigned automatically with the help of name schemes and leads to the creation of one file per final page. In addition, you can determine if you want to compare the data of individual separations or the composite image. You can also adjust the way that the differences between the data is displayed in the final image. There is a large range of options in order to allow you maximum flexibility and adjustment of your own personal display. To this end you can display variable differences with individual colors, you can display a more or less strong ghosting image of the master in the background, etc.

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