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In 1988 a group of computer science students at the University of Bremen came together to found the company ArtCom®. Their ambitious goal — to mark a mile-stone in the world of computer graphics at that time dominated by US-American know-how. A success story — today ArtCom® has 20 employees and is one of the leading manufacturers of computer systems for the graphical industry, starting with systems for the gravure and offset print to solutions for flexo printing. Well-known manufacturers of engraving systems for the gravure and flexo sector are using ArtCom® systems in order to keep up with the rapid technological changes in the graphical industry. Time and again, ArtCom® systems prove to be good investments not only in Europe but everywhere on the world — from Brazil to Japan and China, from India to Singapore and the USA.

The reason for this success is anything but chance. The profound and practical education in the department of computer sciences at the University of Bremen was an excellent foundation for the future. The springboard to a successful future as a company was the BITZ, the center for innovation and technology in Bremen. In the first years of its existence ArtCom® used the infrastructure of the BITZ to establish a sound basis for its work. After several years in Bremen's Welcome to ArtCom®.

Media House ArtCom® moved into a new and larger office not far from its roots — the University of Bremen. In 2003 ArtCom® decided again to move into a new building close to the university to offer its employees and their creativity more space to develop. In these premises you find the well-established free climate to develop ideas. The close contact to customers and users and the use of modern software development methods allows software developers and programmers to achieve fast-paced reactions and translations of practical everyday necessities into functioning software solutions.

ArtCom® takes care to always keep up the link between software development and the practice in the graphical industry. In addition to the company's main activities, ArtCom® had for several years a service department offering services based on ArtCom®'s solutions for the graphical market. This initiated a close cooperation with advertising agencies, repro companies and publishing houses — the foundation for an ergonomic and user-oriented system development. Today more than 650 companies in the printing and package industry all around the world benefit from this positive experience.

One of the main advantages of ArtCom® is a visible advance of know-how in important areas of gravure, offset and flexo printing. The integration of pre-processing data and the control of different output devices are among the core competences. To us, overall solutions from A through Z incorporate software and hardware solutions for the production in the different printing sectors.

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