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Version 21.1

by Peter Funk last modified 2012-02-07 16:45

ArtCom software Release 21.1.26 (build 2012-Feb-7) is now available for download.

Version 21.1 again added many new features and improvements.ArtCom_21-1_DVD_Box_150px.png

For our customers and supporters we have the new release available for

DOWNLOAD: DVD iso image for x86 Linux computers

A list of the most important highlights:


  • In the ColorXchange you are from now on able to embed Output Intents of parameter sets into created PDF files
  • The PressProof program may from now on work with an individual administration independently from the Impose 2000 
  • The new program Embossing Manager allows you to work in the area of embossing in a simple and efficient way

ArtCom® WebCheck
  • The versioning of the Softproof has been  extended in a way that distinction between small and large correction runs is easily recognizable by the file name
  • With the help of the WebCheck Administration individual users you can assign and withdraw the permission for the Softproof, in the latter case that user will see the WebCheck Viewer
  • Due to the fact that pre-print and production may be carried out in different departments, users are from now on able to define different sender addresses for e-mails

Flexo Manager
  • Embossing engravings support the option to move a brush over the engraved section after each layer engraving
  • It is from now on possible to rotate print layouts from within the program if that is necessary for the connected machine

Impose 2000
  • Support of ECC200 matrix codes to create even more substantial 2D marks
  • From now on it is possible to export JDF data for orders with spot colors

Only for older systems that neither  have a DVD drive and nor may not receive the DVD image via a network,  we have a
special CDR image for installation under Linux

for download.  Normally you should prefer the DVD image linked above!

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