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ASIR marks

by admin last modified 2008-04-16 16:10

ArtCom only software producer in the world to offer complete functionality of Müller Martini's barcode

ASIR marks have been developed by the Swiss company Müller Martini, and consist of a modified form of Barcode 128C containing additional information important to the post-processing. This barcode shows the system find not only the usual information but also information about the product number, sheet number, description of the last sheet in the produxt and the orientation of the product. With all this information the system can use specific ASIR scanners to control the correct order of the product and thus guarantee the correct product layout.

Due to this control of the product layout the system is able to immediately detect if any sheets in the product are missing, all existing sheets really belong to the product, all sheets are collected in the correct order and if the sheets all have the correct orientation in the product.

The ArtCom GmbH ist the first software provider in the world to use all options of this patented barcode, allowing you to make use of the full potential and not only parts of it.

The creation and placement of these barcodes if carried out with the help of the innovative mechanisms of the Mark Layout Editor that is part of the overall ArtCom system. The comprehensive features of this programm allow you to adjust these marks to your very own production environment and not only make the production process safer but also to simplify it even more.

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