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(Language) Variant Parameters

by admin last modified 2007-10-18 15:49

When the language variants are not located in the black separation but in the spot colors

The variable data of language variants are usually saved in the black separation of the language variant allowing a smooth and automatic processing of the data. Real-life business more and more often calls up a situation where the variants are delivered in the spot colors or where even several variants are located in several spot color separations. In such cases you had to manually intervene and check the processing exactly.

In order to include this development into the system, you are from now on able to simplify these processing steps with a new tool. The tool (Language) Variant parameter offers you a clear user interface allowing you to create parameter sets with the information necessary to combine the data from the master order and the respective language variant.

This information is then used by the system to combine the language variant from the defined separation and simplify and automize the processing. At the same time this behavior allows you to remain flexible enough to accomodate specific desires of individual customers by creating different sets of parameters.

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