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Mark Layout Editor: Preconditions for installation of marks

by Armin Claus last modified 2008-04-14 12:21

With this new set of preconditions you determine attributes later on used to decide at which position and in which situation marks are to be placed.

In the course of the normal production you may be faced with the situation that you want to have marks on specific positions, only certain print methods, specific production methods or with or without milling edge, etc. The Mark Layout Editor from now on allows you determine nine global preconditions and cope with this demand, i. e. you can define several options that have to be met in order to install a mark. These options include fixed positions in columns/rows or whole position ranges, the selection of the print method, form type, number of separations, print method and more.

With the help of this global setting of preconditions you can create a framework for specific production situations fast and easily that you need for the positioning of marks.

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