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New program for the administration of WebCheck trees

by Armin Claus last modified 2009-02-12 16:26

A new program has been developed to improve the administration of WebCheck folder trees allowing you to carry out all necessary settings.

With the help of the new program WebCheck-Admin-PreProduction you are from now on able to manage all folder trees used by WebCheck, to create new folder trees and define the most important options for the individual options of a folder.

More than anything else does the inheritance mechanism simplify the work with complex folder structures because from now on you do not have to determine all options for every single folder and subfolder but you can use specific options or even all options from one folder level to the next level below. You can target not only child folders directly below but you can use this procedure for several folder levels and thus simplify your work even more.

For each individual folder you can determine several options, ranging from the display mode and the status texts to the export folder for successful and failed exports. As a result you have all commonly useful options in one place.

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