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Page selection tool for corrected pages

by Armin Claus last modified 2008-04-16 12:00

You can now insert corrected pages more easily into an existing booklet.

When your customer delivers corrected pages in addition and you need to include them to an existing booklet, you have from now on access to a new feature dealing with this issue. The thought behind this new feature is this: especially in the case of double pages you need to be able to omit a manual search for all corresponding pages but should be able to hand this task to the system. One advantage would be that this not only makes the system more comfortable and user-friendly but would also delete  a source of errors, i. e. you accidentally clicking on the wrong page.

The result is an automatic feature that automatically searches the three corresponding pages to the one you select, marks these pages and replaces all these pages automatically. This function does not only work with forms but also with whole orders.

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