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Plate tracking

by Armin Claus last modified 2008-11-24 16:42

The tracking of plates with different systems is now a simple element of our software and a great help when planning and realizing print orders.

From now on you are able to track plates with very simple means. To this end you have three different methods at your disposal that should satisfy any production needs.

One option for plate tracking is based on the thought that the tracking of plates starting from the delivery from the print factory up to the print unit should be easy. As a result you can easily see if the print unit already has all print plates or which ones are still missing. This purely logistical approach is realized with barcodes of the type Westfalia.

The next approach places on the print plates barcodes used to track their positions in the print process, though the component of quality assurance is also taken into consideration, i. e. the system makes random snapshots of plate sections that are controlled at another instance. If the quality corresponds to the customer's needs then the plates may be easily assigned and processed further. This method is realized with marks of the type NELA.

Customers may also create systems of their own liking that are based on simple barcodes and comply with the very individual needs. For such cases you need simple barcodes containing different information adapted to your own needs.

All these approaches have in common that you can from now on control and realize them with software by ArtCom. With a only a few mouse clicks you determine the settings for the desired method, define the position on the plate and determine the dimensions of the barcode andthen send the data to the processing.

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