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Release 18.1

by Peter Funk last modified 2008-05-05 10:45

ArtCom software Release 18.1 is available for download.

Version 18.1 brings a host of new features and improvements. To name just a few:

  • Administration of versions in the Service program
  • Undoing of bottled in page in the Form editor
  • Deleting of bitmaps in the background
  • Automatic check of used schemes
  • Clean stopping of all ArtCom processes
  • Automatic variants consider the track
  • Selection of output channels on form level
  • ColorXchange as stand-alone application
  • Workflow for scaling of PDF double pages
The new version is available for our customers and support representatives for download from our FTP-server at:

Software for the platform Linux
Documentation for the installation on Linux

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