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Release 20.2

by Armin Claus last modified 2010-08-04 09:58

ArtCom software Release 20.2 is now available for download.

Version 20.2 adds many new features and improvements.

ATTENTION: Since the extent of the software has now increased compared to release 18.3 and earlier in such a way that the uncompressed software does not fit on a single CDR anymore, you need a DVD to burn it. As a result you do not have the distinction between software and documentation, so you only have to download a single .iso file.

For our customers and supporters we have the new release on our service:

DVD iso image for x86 Linux computers

For older systems that neither  have a DVD drive and may not receive the DVD image via a network,  we have a
special CDR image for installation under Linux

for download.

Here some of the most important highlights:

  • Job administration as program that is independent of other processes
  • Automatic deletion of marks, that lie outside of the trimmed area and are not necessary for the production
  • PressProof: fast and easy comparison of color-consistent printouts with the input files directly on the calibrated monitor
  • Global definition of trimmed dimensions in order to automatically detect double pages and cut them to single pages

ArtCom® WebCheck
  • PageFlip: simple flipping through all final pages in the folder, either manually or as automatic slideshow, with zoom capabilities and control options
  • Use and automatic processing of multi-page documents including page-numbering, etc.
  • Softproof: comparison of different versions of a final page with display of current version, previous version and difference image at the same time 

  • Improved menu structure
  • Global definition of monitor profiles for new orders, that you can later on change at different places in order to print on different print units
  • New info variables to improve clarity of order and form lists, such as to display overall pages, etc.

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