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Selection of one-up groups for the booklet

by Armin Claus last modified 2009-02-18 12:10

Extensive orders make the selection of specific pages for the creation of booklets necessary.

Extensive orders with probably several languages on one or even several forms complicate the search for pages necessary to create a booklet. For that reason it is more than important that the system supports the selection process to prevent too many or not enough pages to appear in the booklet.

For some time now the user has been able to assign final pages to specific groups and to clarify the display of the formlayout on the screen. This first group assignment has now been taken to the next logical step: with just a few mouse clicks is the user able to highlight individual pages on one or even several forms and select all final pages necessary for the creation of the booklet. Gone are the times when users had to check closely whether all pages are included in the booklet or had to search for specific pages on several forms in order to trigger the booklet creation.

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