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Track repeat

by Armin Claus last modified 2007-11-28 10:49

Track repetitions that you realize with a multi-beam flexo engraving unit are now even more easily recognizable.

When you engrave with a muli-beam flexo engraving unit, create test cuts or anilox sheets, you can combine several laser beams for one track repetition. Such a behavior has several advantages though at first glance you may only see the disadvantage that this engraving method needs more time compared to using all lasers individually. As soon as you are dealing with the topic of track repetition for an engraving you will see this disadvantage evaporate.

The Flexo Manager now uses an automatic to assign the individual engraving lasers to the track repetitions. The system takes care that each track repetition uses the same number of engraving lasers, i. e. if no integer number of lasers is possible, you will automatically see one engraving laser for each track repetition.

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