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Version 20.3

by Peter Funk last modified 2011-03-30 12:31

ArtCom software Release 20.3.35 (build 2011-03-30) is now available for download.

Version 20.3 again added many new features and improvements.

For our customers and supporters we have the new release available for

DOWNLOAD: DVD iso image for x86 Linux computers

For older systems that neither  have a DVD drive and may not receive the DVD image via a network,  we have a
special CDR image for installation under Linux

for download.

A list of the most important highlights:

  • Now you can use not only manual settings but also PDF settings from the file to be processed into PDF data
  • Use of the Adobe Normalizer to create PDF files
  • Embedding of ICC profiles as output intents in files in the ColorXchange
  • Display of face/back print information in the PressProof to clarify where the individual final pages are placed on the displayed form
  • Simplified refresh of the screen profile in the PressProof
  • New engraving screen forms for the DLManager

ArtCom® WebCheck
  • Deleting data, that have already been sent to the print plant, can now be deleted via the web interface also in the respective print plants
  • Simple and automatic assignment of page numbers to form positions
  • Show/hide trimmed dimensions in the Softproof

Impose 2000
  • Use of APPE by Adobe to create overview images, rip, etc.
  • Blocking of whole form sides when creating order copies
  • Use of multi-page documents in the title production
  • Simple determination of trim values for individual pages on a form

Flexo Manager
  • Use of gradations for lasers that work only in specific power ranges
  • Repetition of engravings in specific areas where the first engraving run did not achieve the desired engraving depth

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