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The program GravoComplete is a program package for package printing and is embedded as a separate part in a large number of program packages. All of these packages are combined into a common user interface: the ArtCom program.

GravoComplete loads and converts finished single uses coming from common EIP or DTP systems. These may be image, linework, or vector data. Once this data has been converted into a characteristic and powerful image format you start with the creation of the cylinder layout. The single uses are repeated interactively according to your demands. The function of the multicopy is made up in such a variable way that the cylinder layout scheme flexibly adapts to your ideas.

The handling and function of the software may be compared with a DTP layout program. But it suits the task and offers a large variety of automations typical to the process. Thus the electronic mounting of cylinders of any size is supported, independent from the print resolution. Either the whole cylinder or details of it can be displayed on the graphic screen. The display can be selected in millimeter, inch, pica dot or pixel coordinates.

GravoComplete treats packages, pages of magazines or other elements as images. You can move, shrink, enlarge, crop and rotate them. You can select zoom details up to pixel level. You can blank text areas and insert text via DTP systems.


  • PostScript: Processing of color separated and non-separated PostScript data up to modern Level 3. Use of the modern and reliable Adobe RIP engine APPE.
  • Layout editing: Editing of new pages, finished final pages, whole cylinders or pages coming from other DTP programs. These layouts may be supplied with constant color areas, images and text.
  • Interactive image processing: Processing and editing of numerous image formats and the different color separations. Extensive functions to create, filter, zoom and manipulate image data.


  • Job administration: Offering an overview over all running processes and system messages.
  • Color space transformation: Transformation of more than 120 images formats to achieve a device-independent color display of print results of any print unit nearly 1:1 on the screen or on a connected printer.
  • Size editing of image data: Numerous options to change the dimensions of image files. Trimming, separating and glueing of image data.
  • Proof: Proofs for incoming data and created engraving data may be created for better control.
  • Backup function: An integrated data backup system allows you to archive jobs ready to be engraved and all system settings and job parameters.

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