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by admin last modified 2006-04-04 08:54
The DL-Manager (Direct Link) is a software package for the gravure packag printing industry. This system converts digital print forms into engraving data. The input data is processed into the engraving resolution without intermediate file formats, thus ensuring production without quality loss. The definition of different filter settings in combination with workflows guarantees highest quality level and production security. The DL Manager is a universal output driver and supports direct connection to MDC engraving systems. The DL-Manager is installed in a basic version which supports one output group. Additional output groups are optional and can be activated upon request. The number of engraving machines within one output group is unlimited. We currently support interfaces to DTG (Direct To Gravure), LDF (Laser Data File for MDC Laserstar) and LEN (DIGILAS format). A direct connection to Schepers DIGILAS is in preparation. The compatibility to GRAVOSTAR 700 and 800 via an MDC interface to process data from RTI (Real Time Interface) is also available.


  • Workflow Manager: The combining of different functions leads to complete automation.
  • Preview: This function allows you to display and control of the engraving data on the operator screen.
  • Back-up function: An integrated data back-up system allows you to archive engraving-ready jobs as well as all system settings and job parameters.
  • Job administration: Shows an overview of current processes and system messages.
  • Proof: Incoming data and the resulting engraving data can be proofed.


  • The DL-Manager works without intermediate formats, as late as during the output does the software process into the engraving screen.
  • Incoming data is checked via the Preflight Check. During this process the software generates overview images later on allowing you to identify the individual jobs more easily.
  • Using freely designed workflows allows for high degree of automation.
  • Control functions of the processes within the system guarantees high production reliability.
  • The hotfolder technique automatically checks the incoming data. And creates the corresponding order.
  • Control and modification of the workflow can be carried out from every workstation (PC/Mac) in the network via X-client.
  • Simple integration into existing and heterogeneous network environments.
  • The modular software architecture allows adjustments to existing and future production environments.

Input formats

PostScript separated (PDF™and composite PostScript in preparation). Use and processing of screen formats is currently under development.

Output formats

The respective format for all MDC-engravers.
(TIFF, LDF and OCT) and LEN format. Other formats upon request.

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