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by admin last modified 2006-04-04 08:55
The Flexo Manager is a program to create complex cylinder layouts used in the exposure process for Flexo and Gravure offering maximum flexibility. Comprehensive set-up capabilities within the software provide exceptional productivity speeds for the highest of quality demands. The Flexo Manager

can serve as a centralized prep-location with the data transmission (online/offline) to different print locations.


  • Step & repeat.
  • Raster (screens) editor to pre-generate screen-base configurations.
  • Form editor to generate special raster formations or shapes.
  • Symbol and trim mark settings within a form.
  • Mirroring and angle-free turning of input images in the layout stage.
  • Comprehensive measuring and control functions.
  • Freely selectable gradation adjustments.
  • Interfaces for data import and export of incoming and engraving data.
  • Focusing program for fast and optimal focus positions.


  • Creation and preparation of independently selected screen-dot shapes.
  • Simulation of actual final-engraving screen as preview, composite or up to 16 individually separated colors.
  • Seamless formatting of images in circumference or engraving direction.
  • Automatic seam correction for vertical lines with advance mode (Block/Spiral).
  • Fast forward support (Superskip) of the exposing unit.
  • Resolution of 2540 dpi, generated up to 5080 dpi.
  • KControl system for data preparation, equipment drice and production management.

RIP (Raster Image Processor)

includes the following functions
  • Handling of the resolution parameters.
  • Freely selectable rotation.
  • Mirroring.
  • Library of pre-defined screen dots.
  • Enlarging of screen dots as pre-view up to pixel size.
  • Freely selectable angles of all colors within the screen-dot library.

Input formats

TIFF, TIFF-IT, LEN, PostScript Level 1, 2 and 3, PDF™, Scitex, Barco, etc.

Output formats

AIF, ATF, TIFF, LEN, PostScript.

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