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Question 10

by admin last modified 2006-04-10 16:41

Q: A printer does not print. What can I do?

A: If this printer is a network printer can other computers still print? That would be a hint that the problem is not located on the printer but your computer. Try to find error messages, such as in the job administration. If you cannot find anything there, you may have a problem with the spool system for the printer.

The spool system is a part of the computers operating system and takes care that print data being queued in a spool are sent to the printer by and by. The simplest possibility why this may not work is that the spool system has been stopped. The easiest solution would be to use a print administration system to keep the spool running. Each platform, operating system version and print spool system is using a different kind of program to administrate the print spool, for that reason you should contact our support department if you are not sure which program to use.

If the restart of the print spool system with the above mentioned method does not work, the spool system is probably blocked by old or remaining print data. If the above mentioned solutions do not work, you should contact our support department.

The problem may also be the printer itself, i. e. it simply does not accept any data or cannot process the data correctly. Often you solve this problem by restarting the printer, i. e. by simply turning it off and on.

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