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Question 3

by admin last modified 2006-04-10 16:29

Q: I have received a CD/a CD image with ArtCom software. How do I install this update?

A: If you have a CD and a Linux computer with KDE you usually only need to insert the CD into the CD drive and double click on the CD drive's icon on the computer desktop. This should open a window with an installation guide.

In case this does not happen, you can also open the file at the top level of the CD.

Another option - also on Sun Solaris and SGI IRIX - is to start the Service program. You do this either with an icon, such as in the "ArtCom application programs", or with the command startService on the command line. You can only start this program if you know the password of the system administrator (root password) for this computer and enter it. In the opening window you find the button "Install software". Press the button, choose "CD ROM" and confirm with "Okay". This is followed by a security query and the installation of the software.

Note: The currently used software is automatically saved during the installation, i. e. you can recover the old environment if anything goes wrong.

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