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Question 4

by admin last modified 2006-04-10 16:30

Q: What do the numbers in my license key stand for?

A: A license key for ArtCom software usually looks like this:

v01 311204 000000 FFF1F0BF 00000000 43F3CB8B89B80C9

The "v01" is just a version number and may be ignored. The next two six-digit numbers are important: The stand for the key's end of the maintenance period and the license period in the form DDMMYY (day, month, year). The example above has no end of the license period, with this key the software will run forever (000000). But there is an end of the maintenance period: 31.12.2004. Starting with this date you cannot install new software. In other words: You need a new key to run software compiled after 31st December 2004. For that reason, before installing from a CD you should take care that you own a valid license key for the software to be installed.

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