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Question 5

by admin last modified 2006-04-10 16:32

Q: How can I find a solution if the Job administration/job queue is 'hanging-up'?

A: If jobs are not or not correctly processed in the Job queue administration the reason is in most cases a problem with the background process "ACDemon". This program does either not run at all or incorrectly. It may also be that a computer crash or something similar has damaged the files that make up the Job queue administration.

A first step would be to start the program Service and open the window "Troubleshooting". There you can find the button "Start demon". Pressing this button might solve the problem. If not, you will usually see an error message.

A second option would be to delete the Job queue administration file. Press the button "Stop demon". In the window "Troubleshooting" you also find a button to delete the job queue file. Afterwards, try to start the demon. Take into account that this procedure will delete all jobs currently entered in the job queue.

Another option would be to restart the computer. You should do this, if at all, only after talking to our support department. Restarting the computer will quit all currently running jobs and programs. An advantage: The jobs currently in the job queue remain intact.

You could also use the command line program "jqkill" to restart the job administration without having to reboot the computer. This program should also only be used after talking to our support department. You should close all running ArtCom programs before you enter this command. For this program you need the password of the system administrator (root password).

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