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Versions and product maintenance

Our software products are constantly being further developed and adjusted to new requirements. That is the reason that we publish several software releases each year. These versions are numbered according to the year they are published. Here are some examples:

  • 6.1 was the first release in 1996.
  • 9.3 was the third and last release in 1999.
  • 10.1 was the first release in 2000.
  • 12.2 was the second release version in 2002.

If you want to know which version of our software you are using you can find it out with a few simple mouse clicks:productmainentance

Click on the menu item Version or About... that you find in the menu Help. Doing this opens an additional window displaying the version number of the currently running application and the release version of the whole software on this computer.

Each time we publish a new release version we freeze this development status for several weeks in our house. Once the software version has been frozen we carry out only error corrections. During this phase we thoroughly test the software in-house and at sites of selected customers.

Product maintenance

Due to the large number of application possibilities and their complexity it may happen that we still miss some bugs. Despite this we correct these bugs as soon as they are reported.

In the course of our product maintenance we also correct bugs in older release versions if these bugs occur in those versions at all. Due to this fact you may come across a CD with the version number 13.1.11 - i. e. the third release in 2003 - although the release date is February 2004.

With the help of the third figure in the version number you or your supporter can see if and which bug corrections have been carried out on the software installed on your system.

First year free of charge

When you purchase a product from us or one of our sales partners you receive free updates and maintenance during the first year. This includes not only the usual error correction carried out in the course of the product maintenance but you also receive all new functions and options of future releases.

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