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Frequently asked Questions

Question 1

Q: What should I do/consider before reporting a problem?

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Question 2

Q: How can I send/receive files to/from ArtCom?

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Question 3

Q: I have received a CD/a CD image with ArtCom software. How do I install this update?

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Question 4

Q: What do the numbers in my license key stand for?

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Question 5

Q: How can I find a solution if the Job administration/job queue is 'hanging-up'?

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Question 6

Q: I have a PostScript or PDF file that I cannot process. What is the reason?

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Question 7

Q: I have a problem with the processing of a TIFF or another image file.

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Question 8

Q: After a crash/restart the computer stops with an error message before the graphical user interface comes up. Why? What do I have to do?

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Question 9

Q: The computer suddenly seems to work slower than usual.

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Question 10

Q: A printer does not print. What can I do?

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Question 11

Q: Printing with ArtCom software on an HP Designjet 3500 (or similar printer) the printer completely unrolls the paper after the printout.

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Question 12

Q: How do I create a web cut production?

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