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Question 2

by admin last modified 2008-01-10 12:28

Q: How can I send/receive files to/from ArtCom?

A: The fastest way to exchange data with us is over the internet by uploading/downloading data to/from our FTP server. To this end you have to log into the server You receive the login from us upon request. There are only the two folders "incoming" and "outgoing" allowing data traffic only into one direction. If you want to send data, please use the folder "incoming", use the folder "outgoing" only to receive data. CD images with current software release are located in a different folder called "pub" - in the past these files were also found in the folder "outgoing".

You can use any program that understands FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Many internet browsers are able to carry out FTP transfers. Just enter the address into your browser's address line.

Another option is to send data via Leonardo ISDN. You can reach our Leonardo server 24/7, it has two ISDN lines (128 kbit/s) and a phone number of its own: +49-421-2233636.

You can also send data carriers by mail/courier. You find our address in the imprint. We can read the following data carriers:

  • CDs or DVDs with ISO9660, FAT (MS DOS), HFS(+) (Mac) file system
  • MO (Magneto optical) media 5,25" up to 2,6 GB capacity, 3,5" up to 230 MB capacity
  • DLT tapes
  • Exabyte tapes
  • Zip media up to 100 MB
  • Jaz media up to 1 GB
  • SyQuest media up to 88 MB
  • Diskettes, 3,5" and 5,25", FAT (MS DOS)/HFS (Mac) file system

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