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Question 6

by admin last modified 2008-12-19 14:27

Q: I have a PostScript or PDF file that I cannot process. What is the reason?

A: There are different reasons why our PostScript RIP is not able to process a file. One reason may be that the file does not contain valid PostScript or PDF data. You can check this with other programs such as the Acrobat Distiller (for PostScript) or the Acrobat Reader (for PDF). You have to keep in mind, though, that the Acrobat Reader tries to correct many errors in PDF files, as a result you may be able to read a PDF file with an invalid file header.

It may also be that the file or the folder the file is located in does not have the necessary access rights. The reason is in most cases incorrectly configured network software.

There are different versions of PostScript and PDF that may differ in the contents of the files. PostScript has different 'levels'. Currently, you may find the levels 1, 2 and 3, all of which can be processed by our Level 3 RIP. Level 3 files may not be processed by our level 2 RIP, though. The same is valid for PDF files, i. e. our level 3 RIP is able to process files up to version 1.7.

During Imposation of offset or engraving jobs it might be possible that PDF files will be processed with other software systems not made by ArtCom. To avoid problems later the default version in this case is PDF 1.3.  This can be configured to other versions.

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