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Question 7

by admin last modified 2006-04-10 16:39

Q: I have a problem with the processing of a TIFF or another image file.

A: ArtCom software can process nearly all common image formats. There are special cases, though, that may result in problems. To correctly recognize the image format, you need the image file to have the correct file extension or suffix. This does not automatically mean that suffix and the content of the file coincide but in addition small and capital letters are very important, too.

Another source of a problem is that some file formats, such as TIFF-IT, also save the names of the originally used files (.FP, .CT, .LW). Our software takes care that these names are identical to the ones saved in the .FP file. If you rename these files our software may not be able to read them anymore.

In case the contents of the file are in order - you can check this with another program such as the Adobe Photoshop - it may be that the access rights of the file are not correct. In this case you should call our support department.

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