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Question 9

by admin last modified 2006-04-10 16:41

Q: The computer suddenly seems to work slower than usual.

A: All programs on a computer have to use the processing power of the CPUs. If many processes run simultaneously each one can only be processed with a fraction of the CPU power. Our Job administration prevents that too many processes run in parallel. There are processes, though, that are not managed in this way, such as the application programs. It may occur that individual programs need a lot of processing power even though they are not doing anything useful, often you do not even see their window on the screen. You can check the load of the computer with the command line program "top". If you see processes called "ArtCom", "I2K" or similar at the top of the list, using 99% CPU load quite often, something is most certainly not in order. In such cases you should contact our support department.

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