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Question 12

by Armin Claus last modified 2009-04-30 12:21

Q: How do I create a web cut production?

When meeting with users we talked about the problem of the web cut production. Here is an example for this problem:

FÃŒr Frage 12

The pages 1/4/8/5 of the FP are to receive a trim ONLY at the outer side of the form. There is NO trim between the pages 13/16 and 9/12. Naturally, you have to defined 0 mm as the trim for the sides of this form, because in I2K you may never be smaller than the previously determined trim. This may be determine on order level if the order consists of only one form or on form level in this menu:

Ebenfalls fÃŒr Frage 12

As you can see, you can also determine this change on form level. The columns are then simply widened by the desired value. When correcting the outer sides you have to take care that you always correct the displayed trimmed boxes from the fold. This procedure saves you the tedious manual editing in the layout!

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