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by Armin Claus last modified 2009-05-18 13:31

The operating system Linux

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system compatible to Unix with a completely revised kernel developed in 1991. Linux has all the abilities that you expect from a modern operating system: real multitasking, virtual memory management, TCP/IP network support and several user-friendly graphical user interfaces.

Linux runs on nearly all common hardware platforms. Many devices from mobile phones to telephone systems up to super computers are today based on the Linux operating system.

Why Linux?

In contrast to other operating system the source code, i. e. the blue prints of the programs, are open to the public. This prevents a monopoly and allows a large number of competing manufacturers (so-called distriutors) to advance the development and maintenance of the system with a speed that is just not possible for a single software producer, as big as it may be.

In addition to all technical advantages of Linux, e. g. the general callousness against viruses, the extensive network support for other systems (AppleTalk, Netware, Windows), the high stability, flexibility and performance, you see the free availability as one of the  main advantages of Linux.

The decision for Linux does not only offer a very extensive operating system for a very favorable price
but allows you also to remain independent of a single software producer whose (maybe wrong) decisions leave you in the awkward situation that you may have to completely switch to another platform and face enormous costs for redeployment of staff and more. In the case of Linux, on the other hand, you can just switch the distribution or buy support from independent service providers. As a result Linux as a developer-independent platform has a bright future.

ArtCom and Linux

ArtCom has began to use Unix on PC compatible hardware very early (end of 1980ies). In-house we have been using Linux since 1994.

In 1999 we delivered the first systems with Linux and graphical user interface to printers. Our competent support has convinced these customers. Even if competitors claim this for themselves, you should test yourself: we are the software producer and service provider with the largest experience in the industrial use of Linux in the printing and media sector in Germany.

Make use of our experience and competence.

ArtCom applications run on all Linux systems supporting the LSB version 1.0.

The "Linux Standard Base" ( is a kernel standard system that third-party applications for Linux can rely on.

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