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Artcom MultiHD

by Peter Funk last modified 2012-11-15 19:10

Save on plotter ink and paper using the ArtCom MultiHD table.

Save on Ink and Paper

By printing large scale proofs the costs of consumables (paper and mostly ink) can sum up into 5 digit figures in short period of time. Here you can save!

Virtual Large Scale Plotters

Check and view any prints (even from systems of other vendors) in full overview and great detail.  Print only on paper if really necessary.

The ArtCom® MultiHD display table can be used just like any conventional large scale printer. 

The virtual prints will be collected in the non-volatile memory.

Check and Control

  • The virtual prints may be viewed 1:1, reduced or enlarged.
  • Color separations may be switched on and off one by one.
  • A virtual digital ruler allows precise measurements on the print.

Size does matter

Many digital cameras today offer resolutions of over 10 mega pixels.  But even a single full HD display has only 2 mega pixels.
Either the format is to small or the pixels are to large to display fine details like a 6pt font in readable quality.
Our device has 4x3 displays gives you 25 mega pixels (7680px x 3160px native resolution).

Even if you still need to print on paper you can put the ArtCom MultiHD table in front of your large scale plotters.


The are many application for presentation in large scale and
fine grained resolution at the same time:

  • reviewing of photo collections after a long session in the studio.
  • checking the Layout of a magazine or catalog in a final team meeting.
  • control and review complex technical processes and designs.

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