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The final proof - color consistency at prepress

Our groundbreaking PressProof software is the ultimate solution for printers who want maximum color accuracy and efficiency. With our specially designed touchscreen tool, you have direct access to all soft proof functions and can use up to four monitors simultaneously to check your printed sheets and pages in real time and with the highest color accuracy.

No more waiting for printed proofs, no more uncertainty about whether the final print result will meet your expectations. With PressProof, you can check and optimize your printed image directly at the control station to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.

Best of all, if your environment doesn’t allow for viewing at the control console under standard conditions, you can use our software to access a JUST light booth directly and ensure your colors are perfectly matched.

PressProof - the future of printing is now! Contact us today!

Fogra Zertifizierung PressProof is certified by Fogra.